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BR Shah Jubey
 Arabian Gelding
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BR Shah Jubey

JUBEY is one of my all time favorite Arabians, and that is saying a lot for me, as I have known some great Arabians! Jubey is a stunning gelding, that is a A+ competitor. He is a great show horse and has won so much, that the list is too long to write. He was been region 9 champion or reserve in 3 different disciplines! He wins in Country English pleasure, Show hack and Costume! He has been TOP 10 in the NATION in Show Hack and Costume. He has been ridden by young children, green amateurs, and finished accomplished riders. He's just one of those great horses that seems to be an old soul. He knows when his rider is a beginner and seems to do most everything for her. However, if you want a serious winning show horse, and you ask him for all he has... he will give it to you every time. He's a "got your back-trust him in a pinch" kind of Arabian. He is amazingly sound and is owned by a rider who loves to ride. He can handle anything that you throw at him. He was born in 1997, but don't let that slow you down. Jubey is a strong powerful horse, that can win for years to come. He never quits, and has been showing for years and will continue to show for years to come. He is in show shape and ready to win for you. He is sweepstakes nominated! If you aren't certain about showing, he's priced so reasonably, he can be just a great riding horse as well. He has been ridden by the tiniest riders, and you can trust him to care for his riders. What a treasure this boy is..Buy with confidence! This is a great one that I have known and trained for years.

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